Spray Tanning Pre/Post Care

Please pay close attention to both PRE and POST care for your Sunless Spray Tan!!  

Healthy skin tans best!!  ** If your skin is not properly prepared for your spray tan your tan will not look the best as it can.  Since you are a walking billboard for my business, if your skin is in poor spray tan condition I would rather you go home to prep properly and reschedule your appointment**

If you do arrive to your appointment without exfoliating, with products on your skin- there is an option for you!  

Purchase an eXmitt ($6) or a VIVID Renew Mitt

How are the two mitts similar? They are both used at your spray tan appointment, immediately before I come in to spray you.

Here is the difference:
Renew VIVID: More Cleansing, Less Exfoliating- $7
Has minimal exfoliation- very cleansing. If you exfoliated 24+ hrs before, but have worked all day, have sweat, lotion, make up, deodorant, perfume/body spray, dirt/debris from the environment on your skin. You will want more of a cleansing mitt, that provides some exfoliation.

xMitt: More Exfoliating, Less Cleansing - $6
This one is if you forgot or could not exfoliate prior to your appointment. Has more properties to rid the skin of dead skin cells. Removes some lotion, oil, deodorant, etc from the skin.


Flip Flops Available for $3  If you forgot to bring appropriate foot ware for post spray tan. 

Wearing socks, tennis shoes, etc can absorb the solution, make your feet sweat, and will create a potential for an uneven tan.  available in women sizes 5-11



our Spray tan

Your tan should last approximately 5-7 days, with attention to pre & post care instructions.  (On occasion you can get longer)  Ask me about Norvell Retail Home Care products to help Optimize your results & prolong your tan! 



1.  Please be sure to wear or bring dark, loose fitting clothes to your appointment. Tight fitting clothes such as jeans, leggings, sports bras, underwire bras should not be worn directly after tanning. Shoes: flip flops, clogs such as crocs are recommended. 

2.  Exfoliate 24-48 hours prior to your appointment. This is key to a more natural looking, longer lasting & even tan.  Don't worry if you don't have time to exfoliate, forget, or decide day of to get a spray tan- I have an eXmitt available to purchase ($6) to do so immediately before your spray tan session.   Use anything with a grit, an exfoliation glove, or ask me about Norvell's retail exfoliation product.  Your tan sticks to dead skin cells, so if you come with dead skin cells about ready to fall off, your tan will not last very long.  After you exfoliate 24+ hrs before appointment, hydrate/moisturize.  Use lotion and drink lots of water day of your appointment.  

3.  Day of DO NOT apply lotions, oils, deodorant as the ingredients may react to the tanning solution.  DO NOT have make up on your face.  * If coming from work, remove products/makeup prior to session- or you are welcome to use the sink in my studio, plan to arrive a few minutes early to do so. 

4.  All hair removal needs to be done prior to your session.  Shave/wax 24-48 hrs prior to your session. As both can remove your tan immediately after application, shaving creams will block the pores as well.  It is not ideal to shave day of or immediately prior to appointment.  

5.  Please be sure to schedule your nail appointments 24+ hrs before your spray tan appointment if you're getting a tan for a special event-  prom, wedding, competition, etc.

6.  Incase of rainy weather, have an umbrella to walk to your car from building.  As the rain drops will affect the solution development.  ideal to be covered head to toe on rainy days.  

At Your Appointment:

You are welcome to:

1.  Bring your own under garments to wear during session if you wish- such as bra/underwear, swimsuit or bikini.

2.  Wear disposable bikini top &/or bottoms that I provide complimentary.

3.  You may choose to go bare, if you are comfortable and prefer no tan lines.  

Some choose to wear a top and no bottoms.  Or no top and bottoms as well. 

If you are under 18, you must have parent permission to be spray tanned.  

* Certain medications, for example antibiotics, can alter the pH level of your skin and can alter the color of the spray tan.  It is ideal to wait 3 days after taking to get your spray tan.

Post Spray Tan Instructions: 

For Rapid Rinse Solution: 

1.  Wait 1 hour for a Light tan.   Wait 2 hours for a Medium Tan.  Wait 3 hours for the darkest tan.  

2.  Warm water rinse only!  Use warm water to rinse off the cosmetic bronzer.  You will see this go down the drain, please do not panic, this is NOT your tan.  

3.  Pat dry and you can resume life as normal.  You may now get wet, sweat, etc.  

4.  Your FULL tan will still take 24 hours to develop.  You will have a light tan after you rinse, in several more hours a medium tan, and 24 hours from appointment time your full tan will be developed.  

5.  After 24 hours you may use soap again, and hydrate hydrate hydrate!  Drink lots of water and use lotion daily!  remember you want to maintain healthy, hydrated skin! 

For 24 hour development solutions:

1.  When you shower with soap after the curing time (24hrs) you may see the "color guide" or "cosmetic bronzer" wash off your skin-don't panic- it's NOT your tan.  The color guide is what helps me see where I am spraying you during the session, and gives you instant gratification. 

** IF you must shower prior to 24 hours, it is recommended to use a warm rinse only to freshen up. Please note that this may lessen the overall results of your tan.  Then shower with soap at 24hrs post

2.  Pat dry with towel after showers. 

3.  You may resume your normal activities after the curing time of 24 hours. During curing time please avoid getting wet & sweating.  IF you MUST shower prior to the 24hrs- use a warm water rinse only!  Do not use soap  and please be cautious of your shampoo and conditioner when rinsing- if at all possible, please avoid shampooing hair as well, as the shampoo/conditioner will run down your body and affect the development of your tan.   

4.  After first shower, for the duration of your tan, Hydrate Hydrate Hydrate, Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize.  Stay hydrated on the inside by drinking lots of water, and topically stay moisturized by applying moisturizer/lotion.  Your spray tan sticks to dead skin cells; that's why prior we want to remove deadskin cells, and after your tan we want to keep them!  

5.  The less you shave- the longer your tan will last.  Shaving won't completely remove your tan; however if you shave daily it will not last long.  Try to shave half the amount of time you typically do.  (DO NOT WAX with your spray tan, it will 100% remove your tan immediately!) 

Spray Tan Solution does NOT contain SPF.  Please remember to protect your skin from the sun by apply Sweat Proof sunscreen.  Spray works well.  

*prolonged exposure to water, such as baths, swimming & hot tubs, will cut down the length of your tan. 


Norvell has an extensive Retail Line that will help you achieve the natural, just off the beach tan that you are looking for! Ask me about what is best for you!