Hey Teens & Pre-Teens!!

(Boys & Girls alike)

It is never too early to start a good skincare routine @ home!  Also, if your ever changing hormones are causing your skin to freak out, ask your mom or dad if you can come in for a FREE skin consultation, &/or a Teen Facial.  The last thing you want to be worry about right now is your skin!! 

Teen Facial

40-45min  $40

Customized for each skin type, common in teens is Oily/Problematic, however some teens have very dry or dehydrated skin as well, or even combination skin!  (May include: rotating brush, disincrustation, high frequency, vacuum/suction, ultrasonic massage) *Some teens may require a full hour facial due to extractions, $1 per minute after 45min*

This facial is results oriented, relaxing yes, but lets get you confident in your own skin!!! 

Home care is essential!!! Would you go to the dentist every 6 months and not brush your teeth daily between appointments? NO WAY!! So why skip your skincare routine!?!? After getting a good look at your skin type (a consultation or facial) I can recommend what would be best for you at home!  I have a check list of acne causes- lets take a look to see what may be clogging your skin!!  (pillow case?  your cell phone?  the way you sit in class?  those are just a few of the things that can cause blemished skin from the outside.... from the inside, it may be the foods you eat, medication, what you're drinking)  LETS TAKE A LOOK!

You may also be interested in:

Back Facial:  Do you have problematic skin/breakouts on your back and shoulder area?  Let me do a "facial" on your back and help clear it up! 

45 min     $40

Body Glow:  Full Body Exfoliation, get rid of the top layer of dead skin cells on your body!

45min  $40

Eye Brow Waxing/Sugaring:  For younger clients I would recommend a good clean up of the brows and light shaping, but you dont want to go too thin of brow.  As you grow up your face shape changes, and as you continue to wax for years your hair will stop growing.  When you're older and want thicker brows, it will be next to impossible to re grow your brow hair! 

Teen Brows: $10  (17 & under, WITH parental concent signed)


Airbrush Spray Tanning:   This is a great way to have a natural healthy tan!  Tanning in the sun can cause damage to the skin (burns, hyperpigmentation, hypopigmentation, even skin cancer)

In Studio

Little Miss  (under 15 years of age)    $20

Teen     $22  (if you wear your own swimsuit/bikini)

Mobile:  add $5 per tan.

Norvell ONE:  add $5 per tan



MUST have Parental Consent form signed by parent.  Clients 15 & under parent must be present at start & end of service.  Clients 16-18, must have parental consent for signed by parent, If needed I will call parent to confirm consent.