Pre & Post Care

Many Esthetic services I provide require close attention to Pre & Post care by the client at home.  If you are receiving: Waxing/Sugaring, Facial/Peel, or Spray Tan, Please pay close attention to these procedures.  I will do my best to remind you of these when I call/text to confirm your appointment, as well as at the end of your appointment. 



1.  Please allow up to 2 weeks of growth prior to your appointment! Hair Length needs to be 1/4 of an inch long- about the size of a grain of rice.

2.  Please DO NOT tweeze or shave between your regular appointments.  We will not be able to get all your hair on the same growth pattern if you continue to do so between appointments.  The first 2-4 appointments you may have early hair growth leading up to your next appointment, be patient with the process, and leave it alone.  You will be pleased that you did after a couple routine appointments. 

3.  To Maintain your results and get on a schedule, please come in every 3-5 weeks for your hair removal.  When we can get your hair in the early phases of hair growth, we can remove the hair by the follicle, in which will eventually over a 1-2 year period cause less and less hair and even permanent hair removal! 

4.  Please exfoliate between appointments, regularly at home!  Especially before your appointment!  This will remove the dead skin cells around the hair follicle and allow the sugar paste to seep down into the follicle to fully remove the hair from the root.  This will also help prevent in-grown hairs if you are prone to the, however sugaring you will experience less in-growns as well due to the way that the hair is removed in the same direction of hair growth. 

5.  For 24hrs after your appointment, your follicles are open and will easily accept bacteria.  Please avoid sweating/thigh clothing, pools, hot tubs, and tub baths. 

6.  Apply SPF to area that hair was removed from if you will be in direct sun light after service.  (however you should always wear SPF to prevent sun damage!)

7.  Please do not wear lotion or oils day of your appointment, these products hinder the sugar from sticking to the skin and may cause patchyness.  I will do a light cleanse prior to the service, but that doesn't always remove everything.  If you must wear lotion, make up, oils, deodorant prior to service, please wash it off before you arrive to your appointment; to save on service time. 


Facials & Peels:

1.  Peels: after a peel, your skin will continue to shed skin cells up to a week after your appointment leaving fresh glowing skin.  Please protect this skin from the damage of the sun!  Be very vigilant to applying SPF. 

2.  Please maintain a home skincare regime.  I will help set you up on products that will be great for your skin at home!  You will for sure want to be cleansing, toning, exfoliating, moisturizing/SPF.  Serums or masques may be desired depending on the results you are wanting to see.  (please only exfoliate 1-2x weekly, maybe 3 if I feel your skin needs it.  You will not want to strip the skin of the natural oil it produces) 


Air Brush Spray Tanning: COMING SOON!