Esthetic Services are not only for us women, Men you are welcome here too!

You guys deserve your own Tab! Majority of the prices are the same, but this page is specific for services that are for MEN! Makes it simple to click here and see what you want!  (However,check out the Upgrade & Add On's on the Menu of Services Tab)

To Schedule an Appointment: Call/Text me at (812) 483-1208

And, While you're here guys... for the special lady in your life (mom, wife, girlfriend or daughter)... YES SHE WANTS A GIFT CARD!! Call me and you can purchase it over the phone and I will mail it complimentary to you or her!  Easy Peasy!! (we can even customize a package of multiple services for her!) Great for:  Birthday, Anniversary, Holidays, Mother's Day, & especially JUST BECAUSE!


Spray Tanning: In Studio, Mobile, & Comepetition

Men love a great tan just as much as us women! 

Great for photos: engagement/wedding, vacation, bodybuilding/figure competition, fitnes photos, bachelor parties, etc. 

Full Body      $25  (See other options on Sunless Tab)

Contouring    (available after November 2015)

Competition  (Available after November 2015)



Gentlemen's Facial         $ 60


Peels & Microdermabrasion:

Peel Season is no over- please check back again in springtime

Microdermabrasion                          $70

Back Facial                                     $55


Men's Waxing/Sugaring

Guys don't like hair just as much as us ladies don't!  There are plenty of guys out there getting waxed and sugared!  Reminder- if you come in for a back, shoulder, chest hair removal appointment, please remember to bring a clean shirt in with you at appointment time.  After waxing your follicles are open and putting a dirty shirt back on can cause bacteria to get inside your follicles. 

BROws              $10  

(A good clean up between the brows, above and just under, No Shaping, as well as trimming if needed)

Hands               $12  (Fingers + Top up to wrist)

Feet                  $12  (Toes + Top up to ankle)

Hands & Feet     $20

Nose                 $10

Ears                  $10 

Neckline            $10

Shoulders          $15+

Back                 $45+

Chest                $20+

Stomach           $15+

Arms                $25+

Legs                 $35+

(+Men's pricing is difficult to have one standard price, due to height-amount of hair growth in an area-etc, if you desire majority of your body to be free of hair, lets have a consultation to see a customized price just for you!!) 

**As of now I am not offering Men's Bikini or Brazilian Waxing or Sugaring Services**


Airbrush Spray Tanning is available for men! 

Guys you will look leaner and muscular with a tan!  Great for body builders prior to competition!  See Tab "Sunless Spray Tanning" to the left!