In Studio Spray Tanning

Sunless Custom Airbrush Spray Tanning

I am both a Master Certified Spray Tan Technician and a Sunless 101 Certified Custom Airbrush Spray Tan Tech with Norvell University!  . 

Reminder- If you're wanting a tan for a Saturday Event, You will want to schedule your spray tan appointment for THURSDAY evening!  

Rapid Developing Solution- Norvell ONE.  With this solution you get the same great natural looking tan, however you can shower after:

1 hour for a light tan

2 hours for a medium tan

3 hours for a darker tan. 

This solution is great for moms on the go, athlete/gym goers, cheer & dance teams, or if you made a last minute decision for a day of spray tan!  Please keep in mind that it still takes a full 24 hours for your tan to fully develop!  You will leave appointment with bronzer on, it will wash off in shower & leave you with less color, however 24 hours from appointment, your tan will be developed!



Please continue reading below for very important information regarding PRE & POST care for the most natural looking tan! 

In Studio Pricing Menu

These prices are for the basic spray tan- does not include Up Grade pricing.  Basic Spray Tan is anything but basic- it is like a spa experience!  it includes:  Warm towel, pH Balancing Spray to help Prime the skin, Norvell Award Winning Solution! 

You may Up Grade or Add on:  HydraFirm after your tan to optimize your tanning results, up grade to ONE Rapid Development Solution.  If a last minute appointment, no worries, I got you covered- our xMitt will exfoliate your skin and rid it of any lotions, oils, deodorants- must use if you did not prep your skin properly or it is a day of/last minute appointment! 

$35/Full Body

$25/Half Body

$6  eXmitt (if you didn't have time to exfoliate/last minute tan)

BFF Tans:  We all know women love to do things together!  When you & a friend make a sunless tanning appointment at the same time, you will both receive $5 off your session! 


Bridal Parties!

The Blushing Bride is Complimentary when 3 or more of her bridal party get sprayed!  (ask about mobile services!) You may want a trial spray tan prior to your big day- a trial tan is $25. 

Engagement, Shower, and Wedding Day Tan

This package of 3 tans is created if you would like several tans leading up to your big day!  Wedding Tan is still Complimentary, when you Purchase a Tanning Package for other bridal events leading up to your wedding day!  (Engagement Photos, Bridal Shower, Bachelorette Party, Bridal Portraits



Men love to look tanned as well!  This service isn't just for the ladies!  Bring along your Significant Other & you both save $5 off your session! 


PRE & POST CARE! Very Important Information!

Prepping & Caring for your Spray tan

Your tan should last approximately 7-10 days, with attentiveness to pre & post care.

Preparing for your spray tan session:

1.  Please be sure to wear or bring dark, loose fitting clothes to your appointment. Tight fitting clothes such as jeans, leggings, sports bras, underwire bras should not be worn directly after tanning. Shoes: flip flops, clogs such as crocs are recommended. 

2.  Exfoliate 24hrs prior/the night before to your appointment. This is key to a more natural looking, longer lasting & even tan. 

3.  After shower prior to session, do not apply lotions, oils, deodorant as the ingredients may react to the tanning solution.  Do not have make up on your face.  * If coming from work, remove products/makeup prior to session-your welcome to use my sink to wash face, however plan to arrive a few minutes early to do so. 

4.  Shave/wax prior to your session. As both can remove your tan immediately after application.  (Very Important for special events when making all your beauty appointments!)

5.  If you're getting a tan for a special event-  prom, wedding, competition, etc. Please be sure to schedule your nail appointments before tanning appointment.  

6.  Incase of rainy weather, have an umbrella to walk to your car from building.  As the rain drops will wash away the solution.

you are welcome to bring your own under garments to wear during session if you wish- such as bra/underwear, swimsuit or bikini.  However I do provide disposables for your convenience.  During session I do require that you wear bottoms, however wearing a bra is completely up to you and your comfort level. 

*  Certain medications, for example antibiotics, can alter the pH level of your skin and can alter the color of the spray tan.  It is ideal to wait 3 days after taking to get your spray tan.

Post Care/Home Care:

1.  When you shower after the curing time (8-24hrs) you may see the "color guide" wash off your skin-don't panic- it's NOT your tan.  The color guide is what helps me see where I am spraying you during the session.  If you must shower prior to where, use a warm rinse only to freshen up. Please note that this may lessen the overall results of your tan. 

2.  Pat dry with towel after showers. Wiping can decrease the life of your tan

3.  You may resume your normal activities after the curing time of 8-24 hours. During curing time please avoid getting wet & sweating.  IF you MUST shower prior to the 8-24hrs- use a warm water rinse only!  Do not use soap  and please be cautious of your shampoo and conditioner when rinsing.

4.  The tanning solution does NOT contain SPF.  Please remember to protect your skin from the sun by apply Sweat Proof sunscreen.  *prolonged exposure to water, such as swimming & hot tubs, will cut down the length of your tan. 


For Clients under the age of 18, a parental concent is required!  To the left you will find a tab "Client Forms" please click on that, then scroll down to find "Parental Consent Form".  Please print, fill out, and bring with you.  If client is under the age of 16, Parent must come to appointment the first time but does not have to stay.  If they are unable to come, I will need to speak with them prior on the phone to assure they are agreeable.