History of Sugaring & Wax vs. Sugar


As the client, you will notice amazing differences during the service, as well as see and feel a difference in your skin and hair removal results as I Switch from traditional waxing to sugaring! 

There are two ways or techniques that as a Certified Sugarist I can use sugar.

1.  As a paste.  This is where I will have a ball of cold sugar paste in my hand and I will mold the paste on to your skin in the opposite direction of hair growth, and remove in the same direction of hair growth.  I will use the same ball of sugar paste through out the entire session, unless you are getting say bikini/brazilian & brows.  I will not use the same then!  But if you're getting Legs and Bikini I will use the same ball!  This helps with quicker service time, less waste, and product used!  Since Sugar is bacteria resistant- it is safe to do so! 

2.  I can use sugar- just like a wax.  I will use the Soft Sugar paste and place it in a warmer at about body temperature (95*) and I can use exactly as wax, but obviously the same amazing benefits and results as sugar!!

3.  For Brazilians, I can "Sugar Top, Hard Bottom"- which is exactly how it sounds- Sugar paste on the top bikini area, and use the amazing Coco/Diva Hard wax on the labia area for the brazilian. 


A brief HISTORY of Sugaring!

* dates back to 1900 BC

* thought to be originally made from honey

* Also called "sukkar" in Middle East & Egypt, "Agra" or "Harem" in Turkey, & "Moum" in Iran.

* Mesopotamian royalty required their women to be kept hair free by sugaring.

* Hair was considered low class, and to be amongst the upper class you were to remain hairless.

* middle eastern women would have family recipes for their sugar and would have Sugaring parties at their homes.

(Jessa tried over 100 sugar recipes before chosing this one, and modeled her recipe after ancient family recipes)



All Natural Ingredients- Certified Organic Sugar, Molasses, Lemon Juice & Filtered water. 

Water Soluble- NO more wax dots left on your skin!  Sugar is easily wiped away with water and a towel! 

Does NOT adhere to Live Skin Cells- Only removes dead skin cells. 

Minimal Discomfort for Irritations- less redness, pain/discomfort. 

Sugar is Bacteria Resistant

Superior, Healthy, Hairless Results- Sugar can remove hair at 1/16-1/8th of an inch, vs. waxing hair needs to be longer at 1/4th of an inch.  Higher chance of removal from the root, which over time results in less and less hair growing back permanently! 

Safely Removies Hair from Follicle

Safe for Sensitive Skin Conditions!- Wax is not necessarily recommended for sensitive skin!

Helps Eliminate In-grown Hair problems

Skin feels soft, clean & Comfortable