Essential Oils

       Essential Oils/Aromatherapy


Aromatherapy can be defined as the controlled use of Essential Oils to maintain and promote physical, psychological and spiritual wellbeing

A study found that 88% of Spa goers schedule a service (massage/facial) for relaxation and stress management purposes.  One aspect of relaxation that these clients benefit from is the use of Aromatherapy/Essential Oils. 

As part of my Up-Grade/Add-on Menu, I have included the use of Essential Oils during your relaxation massage, Scalp Massage, Facial, or Full Body Exfoliation/Body Glow. 

Overtime I will grow my Essential Oil Inventory- to where the client can pick out of a variety of Oils to meet their specific needs.  (Energy, Healing, Relaxation, Clarity, Purification, Balance, Mental Focus, Spirituality, Revitalization, Soothe, and many many more benefits)  I will also incorporate Blends of Oils as well. 

M-Grain will be used during my Migraine/Headache Relief service I provide.  M-Grain soothes head and muscle tension when applied along the neck, temples, forehead, shoulders, and behind the ears.  You can also inhale this directly at the beginning of the service, or it can be diffused in the air/room. 

I have decided to partner with Kristina Burnett, Independent Distributor, with Young Living.  If you are pleased with the benefits you reveived from your Essential oil/Aromatherapy during your service, you may choose to maintain these benefits at home with personal use.  Please contact Kristina for more information on pricing, ordering, etc. 

Kristina Burnett