Competition Spray Tan: BodyBuilding/Figure/Bikini

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Body Building, Figure & Bikini Competitors!

If you want to be the best, wear the best!

You have trained endless hours, carefully fueled your body from the inside now it's time for your outer color to SHINE!  Step to the stage with confidence!!

Forged for a first place finish, BLACK OUT is exclusively designed to hold up under harsh stage lights.  This bronze will lead you to GOLD!!

For competitive/stage tanning, multiple applications or sessions are usually necessary to acheive desired color.

The Schedule below is our recommended guide for competitive events such as body building or fitness modeling, where an extremely dark sunless tan is desired. 

When planning for a Saturday Event we recommend the following spray schedule:  times are used as examples, but evenings are best.

Wednesday (6pm)- initial full body spray tan

Thursday (6pm)- warm water rinse only

Thursday (7pm)- 2nd full body spray tan

Friday (7pm)- warm water rinse only

Friday (8pm)- final full body spray tan and continue to coat until desired color is achieved. 

* warm water only rinising (NO soap) between spray sessions is recommended.  Hot water and soap may deactivate the self-tanning process, and is not encouraged. 

Immediately prior to competitive event:  apply additional color where needed with Black Out Gel-Creme.